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Legal Notice

This email may contain confidential and privileged information, protected by article 16 of the Mexican Constitution that talks about private communications, for which the unauthorized use, reproduction, retransmission or unauthorized disclosure, partial or total, of its content is prohibited. If you are not the recipient of this email, please notify the sender and delete it immediately. 


Emails are not necessarily secure, so our company will not be responsible at any time for changes that it undergoes in its transfer. Likewise, the files attached to this email may contain viruses that can damage the recipient's systems; Even though the firm has reviewed the attached files for viruses, it will not be responsible for mutations in your transfers, so it will be necessary to review them before opening them. 


The information contained in this email may include comments of a general nature on the application of standards and in some cases differ from the interpretations of other people or entities. These are based solely on the information that has been provided to us, which may be incomplete, so at no time should it be considered as professional advice on the specific case.  


Therefore, the content and / or information of this communication should not be used as a basis for determining any of its actions, decisions, or measures, without having previously obtained personal advice of a legal, tax, accounting and / or nature. financial, by the accredited professional in the jurisdiction that is applicable to you or to the specific case. 


Likewise, the firm does not guarantee that the information contained herein is current and correct at the time it receives or that it will continue to be valid in the future. Therefore, the company is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies that this document mayn contain. The company does not assume civil responsibility for the options or recommendations issued via email. 

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